Choosing the right immersion oil (continued)

For most non-critical fluorescence microscopy applications, Types A and B are sufficiently low fluorescing. Viscosities for Type DF, HF, and FF are 330 cSt, 700 cSt and 170 cSt, respectively. Types A and B are 150 cSt and 1250 cSt.


Elevated Temperatures (>23°C to 37°C): Use Type 37. Elevated temperatures can be due to substage illuminators, "hot stage", or other causes - ideal situations for Blue Marble Immersion Oil Type 37DF. Developed specifically for working at human body temperatures, Type 37DF has a refractive index of 1.515 and a viscosity of 1250 cSt at 37°C. solving the problem of image degradation above the standard calibration temperature of 23°C. 


Users can blend for their own working temperature; blending Type B, with a viscosity of 1250 cSt at 23°C with Type 37DF, 1250 cSt at 37°C maintains a constant 1250 cSt viscosity and optical values and places the temperature of calibration proportionally between 23°C to 37°C.