Choosing the right immersion oil

For Normal Light Microscopy: Types A and B are virtually interchangeable and are miscible with each other for intermediate viscosities. Produced in larger quantities than other types, Types A and B are the most economical. The deciding factor in choosing between them is the optimum viscosity for your particular application. Type A, at 150 centistokes, reduces any tendency to trap air, especially helpful to beginning students. Air bubbles cause image degradation.  Type B, at 1250 cSt, is thick enough for viewing multiple slides with one application. This saves time during batch processing.


Automated Hematology Systems: Use Type 300; Automated Hematology Systems depend on accurate, precisely controlled physical and optical properties of immersion oil for successful imaging and mechanical processing.  Type 300 is designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirements of this equipment, which include specialized viscosity and exacting controls for its consistency.  Inverted, Inclined, Projection, and Long Focus Instruments: 

Use type NVH or OVH; The greater the gap between the cover glass and objective, or between the slide and condenser, the more desirable high viscosity becomes. The very high viscosities of Type NVH at 21,000 cSt and Type OVH at 46,000 cSt give excellent results for these applications.
Blending Oils from the Miscible Group: The Miscible Group of immersion oils is A, B, 300, NVH and OVH. Users can easily blend any two immersion oils from the Miscible Group to obtain an immersion oil with an intermediate viscosity while maintaining the optical properties common to both.
Fluorescence Microscopy: Extremely low fluorescence is achieved by Type DF and Type HF. Type FF is virtually fluorescence-free, though not ISO compliant. Type HF is slightly more fluorescent than Type DF, but is halogen-free.

 The Best Little Bottle! 

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